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by admin on January 16, 2010

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People who are troubled by persistent and hard to manage thoughts are offered a variety of treatment approaches. What we call worry, rumination and obsessing or intrusive thoughts can derive from several diagnoses. While hopefully moving towards resolution of symptoms, some relief can come via distraction.

Music is right for some people but I think podcasts are particularly good distracters. Music’s moods and lyrics can sometimes evoke unwanted thoughts whereas podcasts can help people think about different things. Most are free and available on websites such as iTunes and NPR. Content can be news, culture, arts, sports, comedy, spirituality, science, cooking, business, politics, hobbies, it’s nearly endless. Experiment with content that helps you feel better or learn something or focus on the lives of others. I advise people to listen while washing dishes, exercising, doing yard work, walking or when it’s otherwise safe to be distracted.

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